Work in Progress – Getting ready for ice season

Those of you that have seen the 6×6 Yellow Plow truck with the big V Plow on the front! She will be the next one in the shop I hear. Dale has had her started up and running – now need to get her in the shop and get the servicing done along with the new gas tank! Tom’s favorite Plow Truck will be back on the ice again, fingers crossed!! This Plow truck in the picture was the Green Plow truck that was sold on the Babler auction.

Getting the truck “Plow ready”!

Next Plow truck heading to the shop!! 11/30/2019

3rd of the 4 Plow trucks waiting for the shop!

Plow now on the Ranger!!

New equipment – a deal we couldn’t pass up on! We have only been looking for about 2 years! We came to be good friends with Gary who camp with us this past summer who was selling his Ranger! Right time, right place. So today Dale surprised me with having the plow off our 4 wheeler on the Ranger. We had to go take it for a spin of course and do a little plowing. Fun time.

Transporter getting spruced up and repairs to make her a good, warm, comfortable ride to the early ice Day house’s!