Reservations Effective 6.26.22

Hello Everyone!

We are in high hopes of being back on track on 7.11.22.  We will know more over the next 48 hours- we are figuring out where we are going to start on what we will need to do to re-open by 7.11.22.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience to all.

We are going to ask anyone who would like to book with us this summer we are asking for you to call us at 320-630-6734.

We have stopped all online reservations, for now, changing to phone reservations, so that we can visit with you directly as to what our status is and make sure you know what the water /camping conditions are when you book.

Anyone who would like to make a reservation for this summer, fall, or the upcoming winter Please call Connie at 320-630-6734

If you get my voicemail-please leave a message –

I will return your call ASAP!!

New seating area!!

Well, we rescued our lakeside sitting areas. 

The Beach bar and Pergola’s, unfortunately, were left lakeside!

So I made a new sitting area, and we still have the lake to look at since it has decided to come closer to the office

(probably not a very funny joke at this point in time)!!

“When life gives you lemons,

make lemonade”

I am guessing each evening this is where you will find us.

Come have a beverage with us!!

(More than likely not lemonade-just saying)


When life gives you lemons make lemonade – The phrase was initially coined by Christian anarchist writer Elbert Hubbard in a 1915

Due to High Water and Flooding 6.26.22

Due to high winds, high water, and flooding today 6.26.22 we have lost our fight against the high water and elements.  This morning we fought the high winds and waves and added additional plastic sheeting but it was too much, we could not keep up and the waves blew out our berm to the East as we were working on the berm to the West.  Our entire Lakeside campground is now underwater.

We are closing our Resort for a week or two so we can regroup, repair our berm, repair our campground along with pumping all the water out.

I am sorry to say we will have to cancel all reservations through July 10th as of right now.  We will be contacting everyone who has reservations over the next 2 weeks.  If anyone wishes to cancel their reservation for this summer we understand 100%.  You deserve a great camping trip and we are sorry we are unable to give you the best vacation we can right now.  We will continue to update you via phone calls and postings on our website along with links on our Facebook page.


Dale and Connie

Our pictures from this morning – We were fighting back against the waves and wind this morning at 7:00 a.m. but by 9 a.m. we had to evacuate our entire campground. We want to thank each and everyone who assisted- your kindness will not go unnoticed. Amazing people surrounding us near and far. So many people. Thank you!! Dale and Connie




Finally All boats in the water today!!

We have 3 of our camping guests out on the lake today- much better today than yesterday with that wind!!!

Jon and Maria, Bob and his friend John, and our 3rd group of camping guests fishing today, John with his 2 good friends, Steve, and Clint, are all on the water today!!

Jon and Maria reported 11 fish – 2 keepers, Bob 8 with 2 keepers, and John and the guys -good fishing – loads of fun!!

Another storm, more rain and more wind!!


Not looking good!!

Another 1.75 inches of rain tonight – came down hard and heavy! Few branches and a tree down but our camping guests are okay and doing good.

Rain has quit and is back to pumping. Dale ran the pumps, checking on them, filling gas, making sure the water continue to go where we wanted, up to 11:30 p.m. and back at it the next morning. Still running pumps today Wed 6.22.22


Father’s Day Breakfast at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods!!

Father’s Day Breakfast at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods!!

We had a beautiful morning Sunday morning, Father’s Day!  Dale and I made breakfast lakeside for our camping guests, friends, and neighbors.  We served about 30 guests with pancakes, eggs made to order, bacon, and sausage.  Along with Coffee, milk, juice, and your traditional pancake syrup and butter topping!! The weather was just perfect, the rain held off until breakfast was over!  It was so much fun!!

Thank you to everyone that took the time to have breakfast lakeside with us this past Father’s Day!!



Throughout History…

Throughout history people such as 

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, The Wright Brothers, Bill Gates, and Mother Teresa

all had a passion so strong that no matter the obstacles,

they made their dreams come true.


What was their secret to staying so driven?

How did they ignite their passion every day?


They had a very clear plan, a mental blueprint,

that guided them successfully to their targets.


With a clear target, you have the most powerful advantage

to making your dream a reality.


Unknown author   


Dale and I will keep fighting the fight!!!  Never give up!!!     






Father’s Day Weekend is here!

Treating our camping guests

to a

Father’s Day Breakfast!


Breakfast Lakeside

At our Beach Bar

Sunday 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Free – Compliments/Served by Dale and Connie


Pancakes with Syrup and Butter


Sausage patties

Orange Juice



We have invited all our camping guests to the Beach Bar

Sunday morning for Breakfast!

~Wishing all that are celebrating Father’s Day~

Happy Father’s Day

and Enjoy

your weekend!



High Water/Flooding Update here at Dale’s

High Water/Flooding Update here at Dale’s



We have been working every day for the last 25 days to hold back the high water/flooding that is taking place here on Lake of the Woods.  So many private home’s/cabins, businesses, and resorts working and worrying each day, hoping for these water levels to recede.

Dale and I, with the help of neighbors, camping guests, friends, and family, finally we are holding our own.  Granted it has only been 24 hours since we put the last 100 feet of plastic sheeting over the berm.  Finger crossed.  We still have more clay and rock to add as it will hold down the sheeting on the one side that is currently being held down temporarily by a fairly good size rock we placed every 10 feet.

We do have our beach bar available in the campground area and in the next couple of days, fingers crossed, Dale has made a nice sandy spot close to the berm.  We plan to move the beach bar to this sandy spot where we will be able to enjoy the view of the lake and the wonderful sunsets.

We have placed both our Pergolas on the East shoreline/sandy beach.  Our shoreline protection from the last two years has held up beautifully against wave action, high water, and flooding.  There is a nice open area where our camping guests are able to go from sand to water and have a nice area to swim.

We have to build a berm on the East, West, and North side (Lakeside) to keep out the high water/flooding.  We have lost the use of 6 campsites and we are working one on one with each of our guests.  We did have to cancel our guests over the last few weeks and we have called guests coming in the next couple of weeks to help with their reservations as we have had to change our guests to different campsites.  At this point in time, we are not needing to cancel any reservations and if we need to move a guest to a new campsite we are contacting each guest and visiting with them by phone to share what their options are.  Anyone whose reservation is canceled by us will be refunded 100% of their deposit.

We ask that if anyone has a reservation with us and you have questions please call Dale and Connie at 320-630-6734.  We do thank all of our guests who are choosing to camp with us despite the protection from the high water and we understand if guests wish to make other arrangements.  Reassured we are still going strong!!!

Thank you so much!!


Despite all this water control -look at the beauty still surrounding us here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods!!!

Spring blooms!!!

Added beauty at the Beach Bar!!!

Each day we check if the baby birds have hatched. We have Robin eggs under the cover of one of our propane tanks.

The deer munching away on the grass and leaves!!!

I see you!!!



Not even scared of us all sitting at the beach bar.



Prayers welcome


As you all are aware many on Lake of the Woods, and all the waters connected to Lake of the Woods near and far, are experiencing very difficult times with the high water levels joined by strong winds.  All this together is causing flooding of properties.  Private dwellings, Resorts, businesses, entire town’s struggling to deal with this event that Mother Nature has handed us.

Dale and I have had to cancel, our camping guests last week and this upcoming week and still we have camping guests that are here and are still coming to camp with us despite what conditions are. 

We thank these guests so much for this.  We want to thank out neighbors Arnesens Rocky Point Resort who have been the kindest neighbors since day One when we took over the helm of this “Ship”!  Together, as neighbors, we continue to lend helping hands.  We also want to thank Esling Farms for their help and support. Help that arrives without even knowledge they are arriving to help.  Helping one another when in need no matter how large or small the task.

It doesn’t really sink in how important it is that being kind is what counts. Life hit’s us hard sometimes and there is no one that can escape hardship. It is called life and it is coming at us from all directions  There is no body armour we can wear and there is no safe zone in any given day.  Life happens – how are we going to handle it?  It is our choice to be the one to reach out our hand and help or be the one to reach out our hand and except the help of another.  We should be grateful for both. 

Let’s take time today to reach out in your way, except the help of another or give help to someone in need. To be done in your comfort zone, whatever it may be. 

God Bless All and may we find Peace in our backyards and throughout all our world today and the days to come.    

Thank you 

Dale and Connie