What is this????



Dale’s On Lake of the Woods today!!

34 degrees (feels like 23)

30’s and 40’s through

4/22/21 –

I am so ready



and Summer Fun

How about you

Come camp with us!

Open for camping as early as April 26th!

Book online


Call Connie



Official Clothing Store Now Open!!

Dale’s On Lake of the Woods

Official Clothing Store


Now OPEN!!

Go to “Gear”

on the “Home” page of our website

and Click on “Buy Now”!


You design your own apparel

Choose the garment

Choose color

Choose Design

Fill in each box for the details of the garment you are purchasing

Add to your shopping cart

When all garments you wish to purchase are in your shopping cart

Fill out the Check out form

Pay for your garment’s

The garment will be created as you designed them and shipped directly

to your home!!


We have only just begun! 

I have gone through both of TVIV’s apparel catalogs for more garments to choose from.  We will have all seasons covered, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter! 

Courtney, from The Visual Identity Vault, will be adding at least 25+ additional selections of apparel for you to choose from over the next two weeks.  

We will continue to have apparel available at our resort in addition to our online Clothing Store. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call TVIV or me, Connie, at any time!!


The Visual Identity Vault

507-238-9793  Ask for Courtney


Courtney’s Cell phone #507-848-6249 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Text, Call ~ if no answer please leave Courtney a message!!


Dale’s On Lake of the Woods Resort

320-630-6734  Ask for Connie


4/4/2021 Project campsite!!

Dale is a tough one to keep still any given day. We have been taking some days pretty easy since we shut down the ice fishing and winter lake access. Today was a nice day and we decided to spend a little time outside, Dale all day outside!!

Excavator moved from shoreline to next development area for campsites.  Starting the digging out of the black dirt to make a solid base for a camper.  Dumptruck repair / shop work.  Generators / fuel tanks are all drained, maintained, and put away for the summer. 

Gearing up for Spring – Summer – Fall Camping

April 1 – No fooling around here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods
**Updating our website gearing up for Spring – Summer – Fall camping
 See the photos of the lake and also the camping photos we have changed to throughout our website.
***Courtney and I are moving right along on our apparel web store which will be ready for anyone to order apparel online and have shipped directly to your home. Stay tuned for more apparel web store updates over the next 5 days. The goal “100 % GO” Wednesday next week!! GET READY TO DESIGN ORDER AND RECEIVE YOUR OWN “Dale’s On Lake of the Woods” apparel. Hat’s, hoodies, sweat pants, apparel for all seasons!!! You will have color options, design options, basically designing your own garment!! Sounds like fun!!
We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to come to visit us through our website!!! Dale and Connie

Lake Conditions Big Changes Overnight

This Morning 3/30/21 there have been a lot of changes in Ice Conditions. This is Gull Rock from our lakeshore.


To the West of Gull Rock

Gull Rock. Black ice!

Right off our shoreline – open water!

From our shoreline towards Twin Islands

East of Gull Rock

Our neighbors 2 doors down to the West.

The west side of our property.


3/18/21 Weekend Winter Lake Access Guests


Final week/weekend 3.18.21 on the ice.


”I stopped by, here is Andy M.’s 38. See you Saturday”


42.5” Todd P. from your Brad M. group- released



Bruce & Julie staying in the Sleeper fishing shallow and out on their wheeler!




A message from a group of guys who pulled out their wheel houses with their wheelers/side by sides and came off the ice to a campsite when Dale asked due to the ice deteriorating so fast over the weekend!! By Sunday it was time to close the winter lake access!!

“Dale and Connie,

Our fishing party are extremely satisfied with what you do and how you do it up there on lake of the woods. We were able to use your amazing bathroom that comes equipped with a shower and noticed your top of the line fish cleaning building. Much appreciated the no-nonsense way about your business and most importantly we caught some fish. See you next time.

We had 7 people and caught 22 walleyes and 4 sauger. We threw back at least 6 over 20″ and 40 under 13″.”



Our Son, Justin, his young ones and a couple Buddies from Ely catching the final 3 days!



Nice text message from one of our winter camping guests saying farewell until next ice season!!  Thank you Nathan!

NATHAN: “Thank you for the fun winter, see you next fall😊”