We are out on the ice!

We got a start on fishing! Lake conditions still have a ways to go! Open areas now a thin layer of ice 1-2” and we have 11 – 11.5” – Day House’s and 2 Sleepers set up with 7 more Sleepers to go! Fishing up and down – Terry fished in our small 2 man – 23 caught- kept 2, 12 lb burbot and a slot walleye in the mix- small one’s morning – afternoon bite – they turn on around 3:30. Ice not safe enough to open access – keep watching temps- bring on the cold!!

Our deepest apologies to the guests that reservations were cancelled due to the unsafe ice conditions.  Early ice fishing is a time we love but only works if the cold temps are with us!!  There is an area of ice that continues to be unsafe but this too will be thick enough for safe ice fishing conditions.

Nice Fish Jerome!!

Jerome and Brad Thank you so much for joining us again this winter! Nice Fish Jerome!!




Monday 12/15/20

Starting the Big Move into the new office! Lightening worked on today, apparel cabinets moving in tomorrow! Vending machines arrive tomorrow! Internet etc installation this coming weekend! Pictures tomorrow!

Getting Ready – C’mon Cold Temps

Dale serviced and repaired every inch of our “transporter”! The Ranger has a cab heater and defroster fan installed! Working on Sleepers and Day houses every day! Checking ice, grooming staked trail. Working on skis for propane tanks. Prayer for a drop in the temps! Scouting for fish, checking ice! Daily routine! C’mon cold temps!!!

Progress at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods 11.30.20

Hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was wonderful!
Here is what happen at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods!

Dale in the shop every day!!

New starter ordered!!

Dale designed new brackets, Plow is on!

Dale’s design!!

Connie- Paint colors figured out, paint bought, painting of ceiling done!

Started Sunday morning – done at 8 p.m. Sunday night! Dale brought me lunch and brought me supper at 6 pm- My Dale❤️

Gray with accent color fireside orange.

1st half done

All done!! 8 p.m.

Wallpaper, barn tin and little more painting to go!

Apparel inventory done and all packed up and ready to move to the new office when we are ready to move in!

Totes and more totes

Some just need to stay on a hanger

Nothing left on the hangers-