Apparel Sale 3XL

Apparel Sale on all 3 XL!!

Early Christmas Shopping or maybe just want something to keep you warm during thus Fall season! Why not get your “Dale’s On Lake of the Woods” Logo Hoodie!

Marked down to $36!!! We have 3 left in this color and design! Get yours today!!

Say “YES” to this good quality hoodie today! A follow up phone call with Connie will seal the deal and your new Logo Hoodie will be at your door within 2-3 business days!!!!

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Campsite Guests blessed us in sooo many way’s!!

What a beautiful gift from our Campsite Guests Jon and Maria! Oh my gosh, so touched by their gift! Jon and Maria joined us last night at “The Hawk” for the meat raffle. There were 8 of us and we were super lucky!! So, so fun!
Jon and Maria stayed in one of our sleepers in Campsite #2! They fished every day except yesterday because of the weather. Boy they had a good time! This is just some of their catches over the week. They enjoyed many meals of fresh fish! Thank-you so very much Jon and Maria!!

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Day House’s coming along nicely!!

A few trips to Menards, great people helping and we are definitely making progress thanks to our help!  We want to welcome our New Employee, Justin!!  We are very blessed to have Justin here to get these projects off the ground.  Kudos to our volunteers that are just stepping in and asking “What can I do”!  How did we get so lucky!!  Thank-you Lord above.

Day House #1 working on the interior now and onto insulation!

Day House #2 – The team had this day house up and sheeted in under 48 hours. WOW!

Plasma is getting a work out cutting steel sheeting.

Interior being completed, window in, next insulation!

Day House #2

Flag/20′ Heavy Duty Telescoping Flagpole

Flag Pole and Flag Ordered, next will be the ground lighting for the sign and the flag!

The Liberty FlagPole Company – 10 year warranty – Heavy duty up to 95 mph winds! Think we made a good choice!

Our goal is to have everything here and ready for the sign to be placed and the landscaping to be completed.

GOD BLESS THE USA! Proud American!

20' Heavy Duty Telescoping Flagpole



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