Fishing Report 11-15-2019 from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

Fishing Report via email from the Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau!

sent via email to [email protected] on 11-15-2019

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On the south end…  Anglers put away the boats and are looking forward to ice fishing.  Ice forming on back bays with 4-8″.  Ice also on different parts of the big lake with sections of open water.  With the cold snap, things are coming along nicely.  When the time is right, resorts will communicate when initial ice accesses will be available.  That time is not yet, but it won’t be too long!

On the Rainy River…   The river is iced over in most areas with a thin layer of ice over a strong current.  Some anglers fished last week with decent success and some big walleyes before the freeze up.  With increased current this fall, river ice will be suspect.  Back bays iced up.

​​​​​​​Up at the NW Angle…  Ice is forming throughout the Angle.  Some reports around the inlet of good ice forming, but no ice travel is recommended.  Most bays and some areas throughout islands iced up.  NW Angle resorts will communicate when ice fishing begins.

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11-10-2019 Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau

Late getting this report out- My Apologies!
Here is the fishing report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau via email to [email protected]
on 11-10-19
Fishing Report

On the south end…  Late fall walleye fishing continues for those willing to dress up in warm gear and fish.  The south shore of Lake of the Woods continues to hold good numbers of walleyes and saugers.  These walleyes will remain through ice up.  Anchoring up with a jig with frozen shiner is still the best method.  Nice mix of walleyes and saugers for those few out on the water.  Some small chunks of ice starting to appear.  Small bays and some harbors iced up.

On the Rainy River…   The river was good this past week, with numbers of walleyes.  Not the numbers of trophy walleyes as the week before.  Fish caught in spots with current breaks mainly jigging with minnows or in some cases, plastics.  There is still a strong current.  7-16′ a good start depending upon the spot.  3/4 oz to 1 oz jigs the most common with strong current and higher water.  Small back bays icing up.

Up at the NW Angle…  Walleyes fishing remains good but few anglers on the water.  Fish are staged in traditional fall spots.  Most looking ahead to ice fishing.  Jig and minnow still effective and the go to.  Muskie bite has been great all fall.

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Lake conditions video 11-11-2019

Dale’s On Lake of the Woods Resort

Lake Conditions Video 11-11-2019

Windy out there -noisy on video plus the car is running.  The wind is the worst.

If the video is moving too fast you can go to settings on the bottom of the Youtube frame of the video (bottom right in front of the phrase Youtube) then choose playback speed and you can choose what speed you want to make it as fast as you want or slow the speed down.

A couple of additional pictures of the lake conditions for today!  Hoping the south wind coming will take this all out so we can start fresh and maybe a lot smoother with the cold temps coming.