Structure For Sale

Structure For Sale- just in time for deer hunting!!! $500 – Available now- ready to be relocated! 8×16
2 bunks, furnace, shelving, cabinets, carpeted, coat hooks, key hooks, mirror, Both 12-volt lighting, and 110 options.
Call Dale 320-630-7897 or Connie 320-630-6734!!! The end date of the Sale is 10-21-20.


Another Great week of projects! Huge thank you to all who have volunteered their time to help out! The Yuhala family has been here since Sunday helping in between duck hunting and Youth Deer hunting!!
Post tops cut, cabled being pulled through, solar lights will be here this weekend to try out-if works will pick up more. Still have to get reflectors on cable. Still, about 20 posts to go then good until next summer when I get the paintbrush out!!!
Sawhorses built by Terry & Jan- we finished painting and the reflective tape!
Stenciling is done! New traffic flow this year- signs to help everyone know where the new roads travel to!!
BUNKHOUSE- has been moved out- STILL UP FOR SALE!!!! Call Dale at (320) 630-7897! $500 – bring your trailer and the bunkhouse is yours! Perfect for deer hunting!! Come’s with forced air furnace – all you need is to hook up a propane tank and a car battery and you have heat!!
Call Dale today!!!
Electrical coming along for the South campground- winter guests will be the first to enjoy our new campsite layout for the South Campground!!

Bunkhouse waiting for someone to come take her to a new home! $500 and a trailer to haul her to her new home place.

Sawhorses done and placed to help with the new resort traffic flow!

Fence post’s top’s done and cable going in!

Electrical for our winter campers in the South campground

Bunkhouse is moved out!

No more bunkhouse

Fishing – Duck Hunting – Grouse Hunting!!! All happening at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods

Camping at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods!
Fishing ~ Duck Hunting ~ Grouse Hunting We got the Campsite if you got your fishing and hunting gear!
Open for camping until Oct 26th for this camping season!
Nov 1st our Winter Camping Guests will be able to start setting up their campsite to get ready for ice season!!

Quite a week with Projects!!!

What a week! We have finished the shoreline protection project the best we can for now and will pick up where we left off in the Spring!!
New Resort decorative property line posts are in-hope to finish these this week- Probably not going to get the posts painted, however, we will get the cable done, some of the solar lights, and reflective tape! Working on the reflective tape and stenciling on the sawhorses for traffic flow!
Will start getting Sleepers ready for ice season this week! Camping is still going on here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods! Several camping guests – Guests joining us to do some duck hunting, some fishing, along with a couple of camping guests here to be closer to their construction job!!!
So glad to have a place for them to come camp with us!!

Volunteer help – what a treasure!!!

We had some awesome friends here taking time out of their summer and volunteered their time to help us with multiple development projects! Bob and Connie, Terry and Jan, and Fred have all headed home now. Dale & I just want to give a big shout out to them and just Say THANK YOU! You helped us immensely and we are truly blessed by each of you!