Fishing report 11.10.22


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On the south end…  A great late fall fishing pattern continues.  Nothing fancy, locate fish along the south shore, anchor up and start jigging.  Most are jigging with emerald shiners or fatheads.

Jigs with the brighter or glow colors and gold is a pretty consistent choice in colors.

Fall walleye fishing on LOW brings a nice mixed bag.  Walleyes, saugers, pike, jumbo perch and an occasional crappie or sturgeon have been caught by walleye anglers.  As a rule, 15 – 25 feet of water has been good.

Fish are setting up nicely for ice fishing, which typically begins in early or mid December and lasts through the month of March.  Mother Nature is in control and it is good to lean on your local resort or outfitter for ice conditions on a given part of the lake.

On the Rainy River   A very confusing time for those who enjoy both some great walleye fishing and the traditional deer hunting opener.  It is a well known fact, there are typically some huge walleyes in the Rainy River during the deer hunting season and they are normally cooperative.

Some good reports up and down the river.  Not as many anglers fishing this week, as expected.

Jigging with frozen shiners has been producing nicely.  Trolling crankbaits has not disappeared and is also still producing good fish.

Boat ramps are open from Wheeler’s Point to Baudette east to Birchdale.

Up at the NW Angle…  For those not in a deer stand, walleye fishing continues to be good.  Jigging with a minnow is putting good numbers of walleyes in the boat.

Traditional structure continues to hold walleyes.  Points, rock islands, sunken islands, and neck down areas are all holding fish.

Big muskies continue to make late fall memories for muskie nuts.  Some of the talented muskie guides and anglers who frequent LOW are getting on some very good fish.

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3 days a week – 4 hour work day

6782 Gull Rock Rd

Roosevelt, MN 


Dale and Connie Peterson

  😀Come Join Our Team here at Dale’s😀

We would like to add a team member

to assist in our Resort Office 

Team opening- Front Desk Assistance 

      Guy’s or Gal’s may apply

Great Customer Skills – pleasant – smiles – kind – helping hands

Connie will train job duties

3 days a week 

Hours 9 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. or 10:00 – 2 p.m. Your choice!

-Starting pay rate $15 hour -rate changes with experience

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We also would like to have additional help on the ice moving sleepers,

moving day houses, fueling generators, banking the sleepers and day houses when needed!

We are flexible with days of the week and hours of the day-together we can put together a work schedule that works for both you and us!


Call Connie @320-630-6734 

Fishing Report 11.1.22 from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau


On the south end…  Anglers are experiencing some great fall fishing.  Some anglers are targeting key fall locations along the south shore over mud and sand, while others are fishing structure.  Most are jigging with emerald shiners or fatheads.

As a rule, good colors have been gold, orange, chartreuse, pink and glow or a combo of these colors.  Hooking the minnow through the mouth and out the gill and sliding it up to the jig head and hooking it about half way back on the minnow will hook more fish.

One great thing about fall is a mixed bag.  Walleyes, saugers, pike, jumbo perch and an occasional crappie or sturgeon all in the mix.  Strong fishing reports between 15 – 25′ of water.

Rocky Point, Long Point area, Zippel Bay, Morris Point and Lighthouse Gap areas all producing.  Once you find the walleyes, they have normally been cooperative.  Good numbers of fish along the south shore.

Fish are staged nicely for ice fishing.  Mother Nature always dictates, but as a rule, resorts get day houses out around December 10th with spearing for pike on back bays taking place even earlier.  Resorts and outfitters will communicate ice conditions when the time comes.

The combined walleye / sauger limit on Lake of the Woods is a combination of 6 fish, with up to 4 of those fish being able to be walleyes.  All walleyes 19.5″ – 28.0″ must be released.  One walleye over 28.0″ may be kept per day.

On the Rainy River   A great week of fall walleye fishing.  Good fish were caught up and down the river, but a lot of good reports around Baudette.

Some big walleyes were caught this week, which is traditional for this time of fall on the river.

Jigging with frozen shiners has been producing nicely.  Some anglers are still trolling crankbaits which is producing nice fish.

Boat ramps are open from Wheeler’s Point to Baudette east to Birchdale.

Up at the NW Angle…  Walleye fishing continues to be very consistent.  Jigging with a minnow has been the go to method.  Fish continue to show up in good numbers for anglers fishing both sides of the border.

Traditional structure such as points, rock islands, sunken islands, and neck down areas holding nice walleyes.

Big muskies are being caught and released by fall muskie anglers.  In addition to working key structure, this is the time of the year trolling shoreline structure produces nicely.

Resorts are preparing for the ice fishing season, which based on walleye and sauger populations, is looking positive.


Received via email from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau 11.4.22 to [email protected]

What is happening at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods??

We have been taking advantage of this nice weather, however, thinking the nicer days are over!

We have been moving Sleepers – ice ready!

Rebuilt tracks for “Connie’s” Bombardier along with a few other improvements!

Picnic table and firepits are put away for the winter!

Office windows are all cleaned outside, finally I was able to get this task done!

Cleaning, making curtains, office ice season ready!

Cleaned our Resort signage by the highway, had to clean it with a toothbrush of all things!

Replaced all the broken or damage folding chairs that were in the Sleepers and Day houses!

Harbor permit update, we had our meeting with the Lake of the woods Land & Water Planning Board, and all went well, all in favor of our Harbor project.  We are looking at one recommended change. 

We have one more meeting, County Commission Board on Nov. 22nd

Prayers welcome for the final steps.

Carpets shampooing completed, batteries in the CO detector, TV remote, and DVD remote all new, chalk for chalk boards all checked and replaced if needed, first aid kits all checked and restocked, and finally all the toy boxes and radio in each sleeper ready for ice season!! Now to get busy with sewing some curtains to replace the curtain curtains in a couple of the sleepers!

There has been a major change brought to us by the local disposal companies/county/tourism bureau regarding the disposal of the “Bio-solids” or what we call the “bathroom bags”. What Dale and I have done, starting this ice season, is ordered the special Bio-Solid dumpster from a disposal company in Bemidji that has the special dumpsters for disposing human waste. We now will keep the Sleeper Garbage and the Bathroom bags separated. We have had 1 trash can for sleeper garbage, and we have had the White Pail you see in the middle of the picture for the liquid waste. The liquid waste, such as coffee for example, we want in this liquid waste bucket AND NOT OUT ON THE ICE. The Garbage Can on the Right is for the Bathroom bags (bio-solids). When our guests change their bathroom bag, we have the garbage cans marked for you. We will come out to the sleepers every day, as we have each day of ice season, clean the sleeper and day house bathrooms, take the bathroom bags (bio-solids), and the garbage bags, etc. We have all these garbage cans ready with each of our Sleeper houses/bathroom’s. We will continue to take good care of you!  Thank you to Chris S. who came and spent a couple days and help get this task completed.  I have 3 garbage cans coming this weekend to finish the job and then all 12 bathrooms will be ready for ice season!  Don’t forget solar motion lights in ALL our ice season bathrooms now!!!


We have also replaced multiple sleeper and day house chairs.  Out with the broken or damaged and in with the new! Into the steel pile and off to the recycling.  We would love for all our guests to help us in keeping our chairs from damage, what would help tremendously is to keep the chairs away from the stove/oven and sleeper heater’s!! Thank you so much.

Looking good!!! That was quite a job-the bugs were hard on our sign this summer!!! All cleaned up!!


Help Wanted- Available Full time or Part time Positions

Hi there!

Dale and I are looking for at least 2 happy go lucky people to help us with our ice fishing season. We have full time-40 hours a week but if you are looking for part-time hours -we have that too.

What would we be doing????   Covering at the Front Desk, light housekeeping, and, there is also helping us on the ice!

We have 4 dayhouses and 11 sleepers  so we are transporting guests, banking sleepers and dayhouses to keep the heat in and the cold out of the fish houses, fueling generators, and many miscellaneous tasks each day!
We sure would be happy to have you come join our team!!


Guys and Gals

Retired – looking for a little something to do?

Want a second part- time job -flexible hours?

Mom’s – kids are in school- want to get a little time out of the house?


Call Connie



– we are here to visit about our employment openings👍🏻🙂