Fun -not so little – project! Making stakes!

Bundles of new lathes and repairing last years (if possible)!

Lathe’s all lined up and ready for our Good Friend Fred, who volunteers here at our resort, helping with one of the projects today! This is an all-day project – Have you ever had to sit and wait for paint to dry!!

First the orange, then the black and in this case with these lathe’s it took more than 1 coat of each color!

Some of the reflective tape was cut and ready from last year – not quite enough so while Fred stapled the reflective tape on I took care of cutting up more of the tape help get the job done.

Do you know why there is silver reflective on one side of the stake and red reflective on the other side? We do this for one reason and one reason only. It is for the safety of those out on the ice. the times when you get “turned around” and just not sure the direction you are going.  When you come across the stakes we put out the reflective tape lets you know that if you see the white reflective tape you are headed to shore. If you see the red reflective tape you are headed out on the lake away from the shore. White – safely to shore! Red – beware you have headed out on the ice AWAY from shore.  Granted there are other stakes out on the ice that you may see such as the snowmobile trail. So be sure to look at stakes as you head out on the ice.  Our stakes start from our access out onto the lake following the plowing or our bombardier trail.