Winter Lake Access update 3/18/2021

Frost on the windshields this morning.
Lake conditions are unchanged.
Monitoring conditions daily, Full Sun again today!
The high temp will be 43 today, full sun, wind light, and variable
Sunset 7:30 p.m.
Access is open for ATV, UTV, Track Machine, and snowmobile – primarily bare ice, honeycomb top, middle good, bottom portion rotten ice.
Fishing today – Check out our first post of the day with the Full Fishing Report from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau.
Today is our final day for our Sleepers and Day houses. We say Good-Bye to Orland and the guys. We had the pleasure of having Rod and Jim with us yesterday for the day. It was so fun to see Dale take Rod and Jim down to the shoreline pulling the Day house and say “Where to guys, you pick where you want to fish for the day!” It was the coolest to see the 3 of them head off to the lake to pick out a fishing spot for our final Day of Day house fishing.
So blessed by all of our guests – so incredibly sad that we had to cancel due to unstable ice conditions both in Dec and March. We plan to keep the winter lake access open as long as the ice conditions are safe for all those out on their own with their ATV, UTV, snowmobiles, or track machines.