Prayers welcome


As you all are aware many on Lake of the Woods, and all the waters connected to Lake of the Woods near and far, are experiencing very difficult times with the high water levels joined by strong winds.  All this together is causing flooding of properties.  Private dwellings, Resorts, businesses, entire town’s struggling to deal with this event that Mother Nature has handed us.

Dale and I have had to cancel, our camping guests last week and this upcoming week and still we have camping guests that are here and are still coming to camp with us despite what conditions are. 

We thank these guests so much for this.  We want to thank out neighbors Arnesens Rocky Point Resort who have been the kindest neighbors since day One when we took over the helm of this “Ship”!  Together, as neighbors, we continue to lend helping hands.  We also want to thank Esling Farms for their help and support. Help that arrives without even knowledge they are arriving to help.  Helping one another when in need no matter how large or small the task.

It doesn’t really sink in how important it is that being kind is what counts. Life hit’s us hard sometimes and there is no one that can escape hardship. It is called life and it is coming at us from all directions  There is no body armour we can wear and there is no safe zone in any given day.  Life happens – how are we going to handle it?  It is our choice to be the one to reach out our hand and help or be the one to reach out our hand and except the help of another.  We should be grateful for both. 

Let’s take time today to reach out in your way, except the help of another or give help to someone in need. To be done in your comfort zone, whatever it may be. 

God Bless All and may we find Peace in our backyards and throughout all our world today and the days to come.    

Thank you 

Dale and Connie