Memorial Weekend at Dale’s 2022


Dale and I have been keeping busy needless to say.  Water levels are something else this April and May and look’s like it will be into June before we see the levels down!

We are blessed by our camping guests this week/weekend-Thank you to each and every one of our guests!

So this is some of what Dale and I have been up to! 

Our new toy! Can you say campfire wood!!

This is just the first time using the wood splitter! Chris took care of the cutting and splitting of the big pile of trees.  This week Connie’s turn, stacking the wood up in the campground area!

Early morning walk to check on the campground, bathrooms, and our guests and wrap up with my morning prayer on our shoreline.

Beach bar 5.26.22 headed for the shoreline.

Not exactly in the same spot due to the water level but pretty close. Added a step and beautiful flower pots! Thank you, Amber Janicke!! You need to go to Bendickson Barn and Blossoms! The owner is Amanda – Amber’s great friend! So blessed by these ladies each Spring. Amanda will be coming to visit our resort after the Memorial Day holiday to take a look at where we can plant beautiful fragrant shrubs!!! So excited!!!

Bike baskets on the bikes – Thank you, Chris!!

2 more bikes coming to the resort this summer thank you to Dee and Shawn! But we have a good start!!! I have ridden them both and love them!

Dale has changed from a tandem to a single tire for us to move our Sleepers to and from campsites during our Open Water Season!!! Way to go Dale!!!!

More beautiful flower pots from Bendickson Barn and Blossoms!!! Now if this doesn’t say Welcome!!! Already talked to Amanda about some new taller pots – cannot wait to see what we will have to pick from!!

Not even 5 minutes and this hummingbird feeder had a visitor!

Between CS#1 and CS#2!

CS#7 and CS#8 – Maria can see the hummingbirds right from her camper kitchen table.

CS#6 feeder is easy to see from the road or from CS#6 picnic table!

Sunset from our shoreline-breathtaking.

My new buddy!!

Zoomed in a bit – but was amazed at how close this little one came to me.


We have been busy with quite a few other projects and we sure have more to do!  Just a peek at some of the fun we have been having! Yes, fun, along with blood, sweat, and tears!

If you are looking for a place to

Camp * Fish * Relax

Come see Dale and I!!