Blessed with Camping Guests!

Dale and I were happy to have Mike with us Wednesday – Friday. Mike completed the Archeology Study that was required as part of the harbor permitting process.  Plan is to have the final report sometime this coming week.  Mike stayed in one of sleepers in our campground. Very nice to have his good company.

Today we welcome Scott who will be camping with us – here to enjoy a couple days of fishing!  We also welcome Jon and Maria today!  Jon and Maria camping in their newly purchased fish house, purchased from one of their dearest friends!  Enjoy your new summer home on wheels Jon & Maria.  

We extend our thoughts and prayers to Dustin, Jessica, and Jessie who gave up their time fishing and camping this past weekend to spend time with Dad who is struggling with medical concerns, God Bless you each.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend-summer will be here soon!  
Dale & Connie