Beach Clean up 7.15 and 7.16.22

Beach Clean up 7.15 and 7.16.22

We got a good couple of days into cleaning up the East beach area.

Little concerned about the weather this coming Wed. so we are going to stop for now and see what takes place Wednesday.

Dale pushed rock back to the rip-rap area.  All these rocks were carried up onto the beach area because of the high water and wind causing the large waves to push rocks and debris up on the beach area. 

Our shoreline to the East -access to the lake for swimming fun-will be smoothing out the edges and make it more swim-friendly later next week!


We are pushing all the rocks back to the rip-rap area where they are supposed to be!! Nice job cleaning up Mr. Dale!!


The not-so-nice visitor showed up and stayed!!! Guess this tree will make a nice campfire!!!!

Few of these weed clumps too!!! To the burn pile you will go, I think!!

Chairs all cleaned, along with the tables! Shining them all and back where they belong so we can enjoy a beautiful lakeside view. Feel that wind on our face, sunglasses on, and shade for those of us that prefer just a little sun, not a lot of sun!!



Oh looking so nice! We still have more to do but what an improvement! Just in time for our weekend camping guests to enjoy. Dale brought in a couple of loads of sugar sand, but, again, we want to wait until we can finish the rip-rap repairs before the final loads of sugar sand. But great beach right now and will get even better over the summer and fall.

Look at this view from our Lakeside Pergolas!!! Aww, can you say tranquility!!!


7.16.22 Sunset from our East shoreline!


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