Beach Bar has new lights!!!

Well for those of you that were

here with us earlier this summer…

Yep!  I found the new lights!!

We bought new lights for the beach bar in April and I couldn’t find them.  I searched high and low!

Where did I put those darn lights???

  Finally found them in the new bike baskets we bought! 

Oh My!

  So today, Friday 7.15.22, we have the lights, and again, thank you Mr. Dale for your help, the two of us took down the broken lights and put up the new and we just love them.

Took down the previous solar lights, they had it tough over the winter and didn’t make it to this summer! Removed all the staples from the first set of lights and then Mr. Dale helped put up the new lights!!

Sat night at the Beach bar with camping guests. Night time coming – looking good but will look even better the darker it gets! Oh by the way the guy on the left~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!!!