Sunday Flooding Clean up Day 5

Day 41 of fighting the high water of Lake of the Woods
Sunday Second Battle lost against the high water and wave action of the lake 

6.26.22 Sunday Flooding Clean-up Day 5

Tree clean up! Josh, Isacc, Ryan and 2 of his children, Brian, and Ted all cutting and moving trees down or falling down.

Beach bar area again repaired and beach bar back closer to lakeshore-at least as close as we can.

Picnic tables removed from flooded campsites! Water up to our knees!

Building up the berm again and applying additional plastic sheeting.

Josh and Isacc cutting up trees for us! Thank you so much guys!!

Dale bringing in more clay and rock coming in.

Ryan cutting up trees!! Thank you Ryan!!!

Dale, Ted, Brian, and Connie berm repair

Ryan cutting up trees along side Josh and Isacc.

Brian with the “clam” moving the cut up tree and brush to the wood pile and burn pile.

Added sand, level the area, and moving the beach bar back lakeside.


So blessed with the help of so many!!!