3)What’s been happening at Dale’s!!??

Teamwork Thursday lawnmowing day!! Use to take me all week, we are down to one day and done!! A huge Thank you to Fred for the extra help every Thursday with lawn mowing.

Rock is on the shoreline now let’s clean up and make some additional parking areas.

Extra lumber stored, bought a few more boards, and look at this. Dale and Fred whipped out a bunch of picnic tables.!!!


Shoreline Protection project going strong!!

Look who drove up to our office window today!!! Dale headed to keep working on our shoreline protection project!!


Clearing for the final 13 campsites to make a total of 24 campsites here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods. We probably won’t get them done this summer. Fingers crossed all will be done summer of 2022.



Terry Pressure washed these 2 chairs that have been sitting around for a few years. Primed them and take a look at the finished look in the next picture.

These two will be headed to the sitting area in the flower garden.