What is happening at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods??

We have been taking advantage of this nice weather, however, thinking the nicer days are over!

We have been moving Sleepers – ice ready!

Rebuilt tracks for “Connie’s” Bombardier along with a few other improvements!

Picnic table and firepits are put away for the winter!

Office windows are all cleaned outside, finally I was able to get this task done!

Cleaning, making curtains, office ice season ready!

Cleaned our Resort signage by the highway, had to clean it with a toothbrush of all things!

Replaced all the broken or damage folding chairs that were in the Sleepers and Day houses!

Harbor permit update, we had our meeting with the Lake of the woods Land & Water Planning Board, and all went well, all in favor of our Harbor project.  We are looking at one recommended change. 

We have one more meeting, County Commission Board on Nov. 22nd

Prayers welcome for the final steps.

Carpets shampooing completed, batteries in the CO detector, TV remote, and DVD remote all new, chalk for chalk boards all checked and replaced if needed, first aid kits all checked and restocked, and finally all the toy boxes and radio in each sleeper ready for ice season!! Now to get busy with sewing some curtains to replace the curtain curtains in a couple of the sleepers!

There has been a major change brought to us by the local disposal companies/county/tourism bureau regarding the disposal of the “Bio-solids” or what we call the “bathroom bags”. What Dale and I have done, starting this ice season, is ordered the special Bio-Solid dumpster from a disposal company in Bemidji that has the special dumpsters for disposing human waste. We now will keep the Sleeper Garbage and the Bathroom bags separated. We have had 1 trash can for sleeper garbage, and we have had the White Pail you see in the middle of the picture for the liquid waste. The liquid waste, such as coffee for example, we want in this liquid waste bucket AND NOT OUT ON THE ICE. The Garbage Can on the Right is for the Bathroom bags (bio-solids). When our guests change their bathroom bag, we have the garbage cans marked for you. We will come out to the sleepers every day, as we have each day of ice season, clean the sleeper and day house bathrooms, take the bathroom bags (bio-solids), and the garbage bags, etc. We have all these garbage cans ready with each of our Sleeper houses/bathroom’s. We will continue to take good care of you!  Thank you to Chris S. who came and spent a couple days and help get this task completed.  I have 3 garbage cans coming this weekend to finish the job and then all 12 bathrooms will be ready for ice season!  Don’t forget solar motion lights in ALL our ice season bathrooms now!!!


We have also replaced multiple sleeper and day house chairs.  Out with the broken or damaged and in with the new! Into the steel pile and off to the recycling.  We would love for all our guests to help us in keeping our chairs from damage, what would help tremendously is to keep the chairs away from the stove/oven and sleeper heater’s!! Thank you so much.

Looking good!!! That was quite a job-the bugs were hard on our sign this summer!!! All cleaned up!!