Small steps to Flooding/High water Clean-up

Dale and Larry are starting the cleanup from the high water/flooding that has had to be part of our daily routing since before the beginning of the Spring Season this year.  We also have the wonderful help of our beautiful 12-year-old Granddaughter helping us for a couple weeks.  This young girl was right there for Grandpa Dale moving rocks, pulling of the plastic and help Larry fold the plastic up. 

Way to go Lindi!!!

Please note we are not in a safe zone yet, but we want to continue to stay on the cautious side until the water does recede to what would be considered a safe water level. Baby steps as they say!!

Parking lot berm cleanup!

Dale, Lindi, and Larry moving rocks and folding up the plastic then the Bobcat’s getting busy!!

This is the area between the lakeside berm and CS#5. Still water and we are still pumping water out quite a bit each week. Dale did open the culvert by CS#14 and CS#12A and then we received 2 days of rain which was given us another 3-4 inches.

Campsite #2, raked, leveled, grass seed planted! Unable to remove the berm as of today – baby steps!!! But at least we are able to use CS#2 again. Still have 6 campsites remaining in condition where we unable to have campers and may not be able to until next summer season.

Removed the West side berm by CS #14-#16 but the pumps remain as Dale will be opening the culvert here and with the 2 days of rain, we are ready to fire these pumps up.

Campsite #16 starting to take shape.

Campsite 16 – no water – berm removed, raking, leveling, and dragging to smooth out. Looking good Mr. Dale.

Dale has a good start on repairing the road to campsites 14,15, and 16 and building the permanent berm to prevent future flooding. This berm will be built to a protecting level and seeded for a nice grass covered berm. Maybe some wildflowers seeds tossed in there. Hmmm!?

Starting this berm section next. Thank you Lindi and Larry for moving all the rocks and removing all the plastic and folding it all up.

Looking good – couple pictures near CS#16 that has been underwater since Spring.

Berm removed from parking lot to Campsite 16!!!

Excavator hauling from here to the gravel pit and back quite a bit this summer season, that is for sure.