Lakeshore photo’s taken 7.23.21

One of the most important parts of each day is to do the best we can!  Yes, we have bad day’s but we pick up ourself’s by our bootstraps and keep moving forward.  As a Resort Owner Dale and I feel that we want to keep our website current.  Keep showing everyone exactly what our Resort has for you and how we care for our campsites, what condition our buildings are in.  To show you exactly how everything is so when you arrive you will not be disappointed. 

The pictures that you will see in this post are pictures that were taken today.  Enjoy and thank you for coming to our website and looking over our posts.  We love keeping you up to date.            Dale and Connie

7.23.21~ Taking my coffee and my morning stroll to check the campground, guests, and say my morning prayers of thanks at the end of our dock. My goal is to get to the dock at least 5 of the 7 days each week.

7.23.21~Sunset’s look amazing from this little comfy spot lakeside.


7.23.21 Permitted Beach area and shoreline protection project working towards completion.

7.23.21 Looking at Beach bar, pergola’s, boat landing!

7.23.21~Beach Bar – bring your own beverage. A great sitting area, for a meal, sunset, socializing with other campers and friends.

7.23.21 You can see the entire boat landing, beach, firepits lakeside, pergolas!

7.23.21 Pergola on the East side of the boat landing on the beach area.

7.23.21 Pergola and firepit lakeside on the West side of the beach area.

Dale cleaning up the boat landing and beach area.

7.23.21~CS#21 Drive Through site

7.23.21~CS# 6 on the Right Side of the picture, also to the right is the pad for CS#1, CS# 7 in the center of the picture, and CS#8 to the left of the picture.

7.23.21~Campsite 12A & 12 B