How about fishing Sturgeon!!

Received via email from Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau this morning!  Great information on Sturgeon fishing.  Come camp with us here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods, we are OPEN!!!  Want to get out there for some Sturgeon fishing, we have a campsite for you!!



Lake of the Woods Tourism weekly email:

Sturgeon are going strong.  The season is on through May 15th.  The season then closes until July 1st.  On July 1, it opens again through September 30 and is the “keep” season meaning you are allowed to harvest one for the calendar year from 45-50″ or over 75″.  Remember to purchase a sturgeon tag prior to going sturgeon fishing if your intent is to keep one.

2021 sturgeon season dates



email received 4/29/21 to [email protected]