Harbor Update

Harbor Application Update 

Weekly calls to DNR for an update was responded to this past Tuesday-Results of call:

4 Additional Hurdles

  • We have been instructed that we must comply with the National Historic Preservation Act pursuant to General Condition 20.

What this means is we now need to hire an Archeologist to complete an Archeology survey/assessment to be sure this area where we want to build our harbor was not a burial area.


  • The Archeology report, when completed, will be turned into the MPAR website with the DNR. DNR will send the report to the Red Lake Indian Tribal and the Core of Engineer.  The Phase 1 assessment will be either approved or the government branches will ask for further assessments to be completed.  IF APPROVED, next… permitting.


  • Permitting, if all our “ducks” are in a row, all government agencies sign off, the permit will be issued.


  • We then take our Permit to the Lake of the Woods County level and apply for a Condition Use Permit. If Condition Use Permit is granted we will be approved to construct our Harbor.

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We are working through the request given to us and we thank Mike Nelson, our Engineer, we thank all of you that have stuck by our side and are helping us through every step of this process.  It has been a long 7 years working on this ON and OFF over the years.  We are getting so close, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  

Thank you

Dale and Connie