Harbor Update 8.3.22

Yesterday, 8.3.22, received call from Bemidji DNR, Brent, with an update on our Harbor Permit.

Brent spoke with the Red Lake Tribal Leader and the Core of Engineer Tribal liaison and received verbal agreement for our harbor.  This will not be official until we receive both authorizations in writing.  We do believe that will be coming to us right away, however, if we have not received the authorizations by Monday, I am to contact Brent on Monday, August 8th.

Brent, DNR, requested us to address two areas that need to be corrected/submit additional information on the application.  We have contacted our Engineer; Mike and he will be working on the information requested by the DNR today, in fact, just received a call from Mike and we will be able to send the requested information to Brent by the end of the day today.  Once submitted, this to the DNR to review the information and it is our hope that the DNR team will accept what we submit, and we move on to the permitting.

Thank you for hanging in there with us everyone!  This is so exciting, fingers and toes crossed!!