Harbor Project Update 7.6.22

Harbor Application – Update from 7.6.22

Spoke with Brent Mason, Bemidji DNR office who is our main contact regarding our Harbor application.  I sent an Email and have left messages via phone calls over the last 2 weeks and Brent was able to take my call on Wed of last week.  

Our Archeology Report from Mr. Justin, Archeologist from Minneapolis, was submitted to the Director of the Red Lake Tribe Council on Friday, May 27, 2022.  Mr. Mason has not received the acceptance of the study from the Tribal Council as of this day.  Mr. Mason did say he would contact the Director of Red Lake Tribal Council to see if they have come to a decision on the results of the Archeology study.

Mr. Mason, Brent, has submitted our application to his supervisor for review, recommendations, or approval for permitting and is waiting for his supervisor’s results/decision.

I will be contacting Mr. Mason late next week to see if we have an updated status on our Harbor application.