What have we been up to!!!

Harbor Update

2 weeks ago, we were required to make additional changes to our design per request of DNR. We contacted our engineer, made the corrections and uploaded the revised design and documentation to MPAR for review and approval by DNR.

Spoke to Brent, DNR, last Thursday and he was going to review the changes. As of today, we have no further information. 

Hoping today, each day, we are notified of the results.


Water levels are now below the Ordinary High-Water Mark

We continue to receive updates from the Lake of the Woods notice board. We are continuing to remove the protective berm we built to keep the high water out of our resort.  We have been able to regain campsite #5 for the remainder of the fall season.  We have done a lot of removal of debris, replanted grass seed and scraped off the layer of silt left on the campsite pad’s that have been underwater since May.


Clean – Clean – Clean

Our Dear Kala has been cleaning to beat the band over the last couple weeks. Kala cleans our sleepers after each stay and these last 2 weeks she has also deep cleaned our 4 – 10 x 14 Day house and our scouting 8×12 Day house.

Kala is amazing, she works 2 other jobs and has her own massage business, WOW is she something else. Real blessed to have her with us, that’s for sure.

Terry and Jan, who volunteer here in the summer, pitched in with cleaning duties before they headed back home to Wisconsin.

Jan and I washed windows, Terry got the small pressure washer out and cleaned the fish cleaning building as well as the men’s and women’s bathroom/shower building.  



 Painting is down to a little touch up and we can call it good!

Thank you to Lindi, Terry, and Kala who helped me paint all our Sleeper bathroom’s and all our Sleeper generator boxes.

All that is left is for me to get all the garbage cans fastened down, totes filled with supplies (T.P.)! and reflective tape on all corners!!  


In between all this we still have our camping going on!  We have campsites open until the end of October and we can even be available for Deer Hunting in November!

Come spend some clear, calm, fall days with us, leaves are

changing colors!