Gearing up for Spring – Summer – Fall Camping

April 1 – No fooling around here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods
**Updating our website gearing up for Spring – Summer – Fall camping
 See the photos of the lake and also the camping photos we have changed to throughout our website.
***Courtney and I are moving right along on our apparel web store which will be ready for anyone to order apparel online and have shipped directly to your home. Stay tuned for more apparel web store updates over the next 5 days. The goal “100 % GO” Wednesday next week!! GET READY TO DESIGN ORDER AND RECEIVE YOUR OWN “Dale’s On Lake of the Woods” apparel. Hat’s, hoodies, sweat pants, apparel for all seasons!!! You will have color options, design options, basically designing your own garment!! Sounds like fun!!
We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to come to visit us through our website!!! Dale and Connie