Fun Weekend with Awesome Guest’s

  • All close friends coming together each from their own starting point to spend a couple days together. Sharing stories, celebrating a birthday, enjoying homemade apple crisp and handpicked blueberries made into the most delicious pie made by Jess and topped with ice cream. Finishing the last night together with Champagne and a breath taking night sky!


Aaron and Ryan, cousins, bringing their families together for pontoon riding, new pink flamingo swim floatie, bike riding, campfire, beach sand, family time weekend!!

Kenley, riding bike, running, swimming, and enjoying her weekend with her family.

Dale fixed up the beach area again, fresh dirt makes it hard to ride bike, so Kenley got off and ran to the water edge to put her feet in the water!!! Way to go Kenley.

  • Oh yes, delicious way some to start their day!!

  • Scott, Melissa, and Mya. So nice to camp with us again this summer- family that plays together🥰

  • Mya loves the lakeshore nighttime serenity, waves rolling on the rocks, listen to her favorite music, catch up on social media maybe!!


Couple buddies camping enjoying one of our Summer Sleepers, strategizing for the Warrior boat fishing contest!!