Fishing Opener 2021!!!



Lake of the Woods



Excited to have Camping Guests

Enjoy Fishing Opener with us!!


Campsites are ready

Boat Landing is ready

Beach Bar is back on the lakeshore

Hammock’s are swinging in the wind

Everyone, we are sure, will enjoy sitting outside and telling stories, listening to the water climb onto the shoreline!

Anyone for a last-minute camping trip this weekend?? Call Connie at 320-630-6734

We have campsites calling your name!!

Quite a view from the hammock in CS#6!!

Firewood and the little green wagon ready and waiting! Thank you Dale, Brady, and Fred. Quite the pile of wood!!

Ready for those fish to be brought in, cleaned, and cooked up. Nothing better than right from the water to our bellies!!

Showers cleaned spotless, Thanks for our awesome Kala!!

The bathroom’s all spruced up, cleaned, ready for our Camping Guests!! Solar lights throughout the campground to find your way to the bathrooms along with new Yellow Glow Lights in the motion lights to “hopefully” keep the bugs away!!







Sitting by the Lakeshore looking out towards Gull Rock- bring down your cooler of beverages and sit at the Beach Bar-Sorry it is BYOB!

The view from the Beach Bar looking towards Twin Rocks and Twin Islands!!

No Camper!!! That is OK – Here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods – We switch our Sleepers to Summer Mode! We clean them top to bottom-add an RV fridge and a window Air conditioner! We place our Sleepers right in the campsite for you – when you arrive you move your gear into the Sleeper and get your lawn chair, put it next to the Firepit, grab your favorite beverage out of the cooler, and you are all ready to camp!!!

CS#2 with a Sleeper all set and ready for our camping guests!

Campsite#2 Campsite 1, 2, 12A, and 12B are drive-through sites. Our final 13 sites, which we have started working on this week, will all be drive-through campsites!

The South end of CS#2 Looking to the North!! Yep! Right towards Gull Rock!

Campsite #1 Drive through Campsite! Looks like a road? Nope, that is CS#1! Our campsites are a minimum of 40 ft by 60 ft! All campsites (except the tent sites) have full hook-up available, however, you can choose if you wish to add septic. Option 1: Water and Electric or Option 2: Water, Electric, and Septic.

Campsite #1

Solar lights in the trees light the path to the road! In the distance, you are able to see CS#5’s hammock swinging in the breeze today!! Happy!!






Hope you enjoy your Fishing Opener Weekend and we Thank you so very much for visiting our website!

Give Connie a call and book a campsite with us here at Dale’s-We would enjoy your company!!

Thank you

Dale and Connie Peterson

Dale’s On Lake of the Woods!