Father’s Day 2021 at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods

Father’s Day Celebration

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Dale’s On Lake of the Woods

We popped a champagne bottle today to celebrate not only Father’s Day but to our Resort.  We have not had a Grand Opening as we just keep working on our projects!  We really wanted to get all our development done but our timeframe for projects is not what we thought!  So today seemed like a good day to just toast our Resort, Our Guests, All the Great Dads with us and who have gone before us!! Our resort team put on a fun complimentary Father’s Day breakfast lakeside in our Beach Bar!

Little Rain, lots of wind but we had a great morning with our camping guests.

Happy Father’s Day Justin and Ryan! Complimentary Pancake breakfast to say “Happy Father’s Day”!

Connie and Justin whipped up the batter and Dale was in charge of the griddles!!

Justin was in charge of tasting the first pancake to make sure it was delicious!!!

Dale in charge of pancakes, the rest of our team took care of the sausage, bacon, coffee, and juice. Several helping hands!!

Hoods are up, hair blowing, caps blowing off, balloons moved twice to keep from popping!! Oh, man!!!

Champagne opening!! Shot towards the lake – didn’t want to put an eye out!!!! HAHAHAHA!! Wasn’t as tough as I thought, actually quite fun but only 1 bottle of champagne!!!

Justin and Jayden!!! Father and son!!

Jesse, Tom, Jan breakfast and great conversations!!

Bob, Connie, John, Penny, Mark, and Kathy being served up their Fathers Day breakfast at our beach bar!!



Another member of our Father’s Day breakfast team, Miss Lindi!! Mom was our photographer – Thank you to our team members for making a great morning here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods! Hat’s off to all you Great Dad’s!!!