Dale’s On Lake of the Woods Update 5-6-20

Patiently waiting for May 18th in hopes that we are able to open our Resort for recreational camping!

Rest assured we are keeping busy!  We have ordered all the necessary supplies to be in compliance with the disinfecting throughout our Resort.  We are very happy with the spacious campsites we have that will give distance and privacy for all.

Why we do what we do!!!!

This week the projects have been continued clean-up throughout the property. We have a couple of winter campers that will be moving out of their winter campsite.  Dale has been working on our Snow Dozer, this will be a “BIG” job and by the time he is finished, the dozer will be stronger than ever!!  We also have worked up an area for a garden this year – we have a little more dirt work to do and then we will start planting and then placing a fence to keep the critters out!!  We are back to working on the central parking lot – dozer has been busy – little too wet yet!  Will come back to that once dry out some more.  Tax prep is done and off to our accountant, website changes, and updated for summer camping with us, and Sleepers are being cleaned every day and hoping to have the last 11 done in the next 2 weeks!

Stay tuned for ongoing updates to the website and we will be keeping in touch with our daily projects and lakeshore fun!