Dale & Connie Checking ice Friday 11/29/19

Dale is always lead in checking ice conditions. This is not a job taken lightly. I never worry when checking ice with Dale. Enjoy this part of what we do very much. Especially now we have an enclosed cab on the Ranger, loving this job even more!!

last year’s stakes- just marking where we checked the ice as there is snow coming in the next few days.

Off we go chainsaw in hand! We walk and check. Following behind at a safe distance with the ranger.  Chain saw blade has a ruler marked so we know how many inches of ice we clear before we hit water, if we do hit water that is.

Stake in – moving on!

Yep, that’s a crack but all ok!

Piled up ice from the first freeze up, open water, wind, ice crashed together, heaved up!

Connie’s turn to check the thickness of the ice!

I love my job!!!! Thanks, Dale for teaching me so much!!