Back to Clean up!

Yesterday was a little bit lighter for Dale and I, the holiday just wasn’t the same with the campground empty.  We received over 3/4 inch of rain yesterday which put a damper on the day.  Our 4 campers and helpers were all home by noon.  Just Dale and I ran around in the rain, then to town for a few groceries and back home and decided on a movie.  Today we are getting more clean-up done but we need the clean-up area to dry out.  Back to pumping water, 2 pumps running throughout the day today.

Got a little of the cleaning up the brush and logs started.

Rubber mats, 2 x 4’s, etc spread out throughout the campsite. Cleaning up and getting all the materials put away.

Water drain pumps -back where they came from!

Bobcat attachments putting back in their storage spot!!

Dump truck hanging out for a bit!!

Mamma is not even 25 feet from us this July 5th, 2022