August Fun at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods

Family fun is about to begin this Labor Day weekend! Brothers/Sisters-Aunt’s/Uncles-Cousins Robsons/Welder families ~3 sleepers and a firepit, Yep, life is good for these 2 families camping and fishing together!

Bear is as gentle as a lamb with young Leo holding on to the end of the leash on their way back to their campsite!!

Kapping Family Summer camping trip – 3 generations

Dad making egg coffee, with one awesome breakfast with the help of his darling daughter Roxanne!!


Hello! My name is Bear and I love Camping at Dale’s!!!

First taste of outdoor movies at Dale’s!  Thank you Roxanne for sharing this great outdoor movie time❤️

Little one’s learning to ride a bike with no training wheels!

Ella officially riding a bike with no training wheels right with Mom, Dad, Auntie, and Grandma & Grandpa all to witness this huge success!!! Congratulations Ella!! Way to Go!!!

Kala was available for our camping guests. Massages appointments 2 different days for 5 massages! Can you say Awwwww!

The awesome Reiber Family joined us this Labor Day weekend❤️