April 23, 2020 MN Gov. Walz order for Resorts!

Today’s Update all our awesome Facebook/Website friends that keep an eye on us!

As of yesterday, we will not be able to OPEN our campsites for recreational camping JUST YET. Dale’s On Lake of the Woods Resort needs to continue to follow our MN Governor’s Stay Home order.

There have been some restrictions lifted, however, we do not fit into the lifted restrictions right now. Dale and I are participating in Lake of the Woods Resort teleconference calls each week brought to us by Joe Henry, Executive Director, Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau. These teleconferences are helping Lake of the Woods Resorts through the necessary steps for us all to SAFELY be together again.
Be patient, stay safe, we will get there! We are working on all sorts of projects- we will keep you posted with our progress!!
Thank you for your continued love and support!
Dale and Connie
Dale’s On Lake of the Woods