Apparel Sale through August 30th!!!

We are getting on top of our clothing webstore and orders will be flying out the door this coming week if they haven’t already! Courtney and her team are working hard to get caught up and moving orders out along with completing the to-do list! Thank you, Courtney!!! The sale goes through the end of August!! We are already making plans for another upcoming sale. So if this doesn’t work for you we will start a Fall Sale in late Sept!! We will have our Clothing webstore ready for Christmas shopping!!!

The shipping charge is $7.00 flat rate- The same fee of $7 if you order 1 garment or 10!!!


Matching hoodies along with handmade beanies created by Jan from our team here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods. Jan already has the yarn purchase and new colors creating a new look for our beanies – coming soon! Does anyone like the color Pink!!!!???? Cannot wait to see Jan’s creations.

Fall is coming so is winter! Want that sweatshirt blanket to cover with while sitting by the fireplace reading or the crisp taste of a glass of Reisling!! Soft easy chair, blanket, fire crackling, and a glass of wine! Life is good!!!



How about a soft buffalo print throw for a nice Christmas gift. Bet it will be hard to not keep this blanket for yourself!!!!


 If you have questions feel free to call Connie at 320-630-6734 or Courtney at 507-848-6249- we are here to help!!!