Another productive week here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods!!

Pallet’s reinforced on top and painted! Carpet stapled on top for steps into our Summer Sleepers! 2nd project Campsite garbage cans attached with screws/washers to hold in place!! These pallets come in pretty darn handy around here at our Resort!

Ice Machine Closer to the Main Office-so much better! We also put our awesome Handmade Wood Flag up on our office building. This flag was a gift from Milt P, of Staples. This wooden outdoor flag was made by a young Veteran! A cherished gift to say the least!! Thank you, Milt!!!

Landscaping going strong!

2 weeks ago it was trees, this week shrubs, flower’s flower pots!

Adding more mulch and getting the lighthouse water fountain in good running order!  


One way to make a tree stump beautiful again! Nature-made flower pot!!


Shoreline Protection Project

Westside of our lakeshore!  Need to keep at it to complete before our Permit expires this Fall!

Still, no Permit for the Harbor but Mike, our Engineer, is working hard for approval!  We call Mike every 2 weeks for updates.  We provided Mike with additional data this past week requested by DNR~ Keep On Keepin On!  

Laser to make sure we have all the specs correct, equipment to get the material placed just right, Felt and Rocks!!! Picking rock just like when I was a kid on the farm!! -c-

Picture courtesy of Maria, one of our awesome guests. Time for the machines to rest, weekend is here and it is time for Quiet!