Pumping water 7.26.22

Pumping water after a couple of shots of rain today!! The Lake water level is at 1063.2.  The Lake level has gone down 1 inch according to the July 25th Lake of the Woods Notice Board report.  We did have a significant rainfall last week and Dale has 2 to 3 pumps running every day to keep the water levels on the inside of the berm down.  We pump out the borrow pit by the lakeshore which is filling up and the water after each bout of rain and the filling up of our ditches and our road to the Lakeside campground.  The water has nowhere to go.  This pumping will need to continue until we feel we can remove the berm or move the berm on the outside of the 7 flooded campsites and that will not take place until the lake water recedes out of the resort.  Looking like August maybe into Sept.

Despite still the loss of 7 campsites, we have got our camping going on.  We have openings for camping most weekdays as well as some weekends.  We would love to have you come to camp with us.

I know it is really different this year and we want to be upfront and honest.  Our guests are not able to use our boat ramp, however, we have made arrangements to dock boats at our neighboring resort.  We have lost our swimming area but we do have an open area for swimming at the end of our beach area to the East.  We hope to bring more sand this coming week to enhance this area for swimming.

Both Pergolas have been destroyed in the Sunday storm that came through a little over a week ago.  We, however, do still have our beach bar area down lakeside with a firepit.  The sunsets are beautiful and the visiting with a beverage and the crackling fire is the best.  We have great campsites that have a picnic table, fire pit with free firewood, and a hammock for all but one campsite due to there no longer a tree to swing from, so sad.

Click on the link below and catch Dale pumping after the pump has broken 3 times.  This guy we thought bought a lemon but he has had help from the seller and done some amazing repairs on his own and here we are pumping water again!!  What a guy, my Dale.