2 New Resort “Vehicle’s”!!

Here are our new Resort “Vehicles”!!  Dale and I are setting up a bike rack up at the office for guests that walk to the office but end up with items to carry back to the camp site such as 4 bags of Ice!!! 

Our camping guests will be able to throw all their ice in the basket and ride the bike down to the campground.  We will have a bike rack by the Fish Cleaning building to place the bike in once they unload their purchases at their campsite. 

We have two additional bike’s to get out of storage and still looking for 2 addtional “Vintage” bikes. 

~Shooting for all pedal brakes-no hand brakes~

Thank you to Cory N. for the gift of this cool vintage pedal bike. What a awesome gift!!!

Dale and I purchased this bike in Becker, MN at a 2nd hand store! Yep it does have “Vodka” bottles painted on the bike!

Each bike will have a new basket!