Week of 6/28/21 at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods

Camping Guests add such beauty to our Resort. Picture 1 of 3.

Picture 2 of 3

See how cool this is!!! Thank you to the wonderful anonymous Guest that built this amazing cairn!!

We have a whole lot of fishing going on this week!!! The fish bite has improved in catching the eaters!! Still quite a few slot fish. Some of our guests of gotten into some fish and have had a great day of catching. Not every day but seems a bit better this week.

May fly hatch round 2.

Campsite T11 Sleeper. Thank you to Joe and Renae and little ones were here with their littles for a weekend getaway! Had to head home but book for Father’s Day week next year!!! A big plus Joe will be coming back to ice fish with us this coming winter!!! Thank you Joe and Renae, we appreciate you so much. Dale and Connie

Campsite 3 setup with one of our 9 Sleepers.

Campsite #6! Welcome to Mike and Angela here until tomorrow!!



Campsite 3 with one of our Sleepers! We welcome Mark and Sandy who are with us this week.

Campsite #5 with one of our Sleepers. We welcome Terry and Mary! Screen tent set up because Terry and Mary and Mark and Sandy are family camping together and this is a great way to keep the bugs away -just slide the picnic table or lawn chairs in the screen tent and enjoy!!! Great idea! Thank you Terry and Mary for joining us here at Lake of the Woods!

Looks like Allan and Lee are out on the water! Allan and Lee came up for a quick last-minute fishing trip – we had a sleeper in Campsite T3 ready to go. Last-minute trips can turn out to be a whole lot of fun!! Thanks, Allan and Lee for joining us this week.

Nice view of the lake, there is the beach bar!! Bring your beverage and watch the lake action, even better yet head to the beach bar for the sunsets!!

Family is what we love seeing here. Mom’s and Dad’s, brother’s and sister’s, Aunt’s and Uncles, cousins, it doesn’t get any better than this!! Thank you to Gary and Tammy with their little ones’s Ava and Mason. Thank you to Todd and Wendy with their lovely Aubree! We welcome you, we thank you and we hope this is a wonderful family trip for you. Dale and Connie

Campsite T4 Sleeper. We welcome back Craig and Donna again this summer. Craig and Donna are here with Mike and Angela. Friends fishing and camping, just enjoying some time away from all the hustle and bustle of each day. Just like our Resort sign says “Fish” “Camp” “Relax” here at Dale’s On Lake of the Woods.


Thank you to all our wonderful guests, we are so blessed by you!!