Storm 7.17.22

Stormy night ~ some damage

The storm was around 12 midnight – 1 a.m. or so and it was here and gone but we did end up with 1.75 inches of rain.

We are still camping and still going strong.



Pumping water out of our road to the campground. 1.75 inches of rain.


Tree down

beach bar roof tin -small damage.

This is the tough one~ broke my heart! BOTH PERGOLA’S are toast! The wind picked up the pergola and throw it 25 yards into the wooded area to the South of the Lakeshore beach area.

All 8 chairs and 2 tables were picked up and are laying in the woods. Not sure about the chairs if they are ok but both tables are trashed.

Red lawn chair center and to the right is the base of one of our Pergolas.

This is one of the two Pergolas.

The tabletop is gone – this lawn chair might be ok!

Up in the trees over 25 -35 yards from the beach is the roof of one of the Pergolas. See the white in the center which is the underside of the roof and the black dark line is the frame of the Pergola.












Joe, Carrie, Bruce, Julie, Luella, and Gary are camping with us and just pitched in today and helped Dale and I pick up branches. So wonderful!! Thank you so so much.

Few more trees down.