Harbor permit update 8.1.2022

Harbor permit update 8.1.2022

Contacted Brent today.  Brent is with the MN DNR, Bemidji office whom we have been working with from Day 1 with our Harbor Application.  We did receive the news that the Red Lake Tribal Leader has “verbally” accepted and approved the Archeology report he received and that he will be signing off on this part of our harbor application requirement. 

This week Brent will be talking with his supervisor who do the final review of our Harbor Application and hoping for his signature of approval. 

Brent, Dale and I will be in contact on Monday, August 8th and we will get another status update, hoping to hear that all signatures have been obtained and we can move onto the actual permit.

We will still need to receive a letter of approval or possibly additional steps with the Core of Engineer’s.  Brent is keeping us up to date with his correspondence with the Core but ultimately, we will is a separate entity with this project.

None the less we certainly feel we made good progress/good news yesterday.  I keep saying “we still aren’t out of the woods” on all my news with the Harbor, the high water, the construction. 


We will find our way through the woods,

don’t you worry!!!

Dale and Connie