Camping Guests from Nashville!!

Pleasure having Kurt and Christina here with us from Nashville!! Huge Thank you to Arnesen’s Rocky Point for being so good to these 2 with boat rentals each day!!!  Kurt spoke highly of Paul Arnesen and DJ from Arnesen’s Rocky Point who took good care of Kurt and Christina with boat rentals each day!!
Kurt Olson
Caught a 1 pounder Perch last night at Lake of The Woods Minnesota Canadian Border. Fished like 13 hours without not a lot of action yesterday . I also lost 2 HUGE Walleyes right at the Boat . Still mad and bummed about that . Lol .Havnt caught a Jumbo perch like this since I was like 15 years old. . I throw a lot Back or sometimes don’t catch Much but Perch are Delicious and I told Mom I’m gonna bring her back Some fish . Nothing better eating than jumbo Perch. Have a lot of pics to post because I’ve been without internet pretty much but had a great time with my great hosts Dale and Connie