Ice Fishing

The lake is frozen and the fish are biting. It's time to get out on the ice and enjoy the lazy days of ice fishing. Find our rate information below. If you have any questions, please give us a call. We're happy to help!

US servicemen and women receive a 10% discount on their campsite reservations. Please present your military ID when checking in to receive your discount. We thank you for your service, your sacrifices, and for protecting our country!

Reservations require a 25% deposit. Cancellations received up to 1 week prior to the check-in date will receive a full refund of the deposit amount. No deposit will be refunded for cancellations received less than 1 week before the check-in date.

No modifications to reservations will be allowed less than 1 week prior to the check-in date. You will be responsible to pay for the number of guests and days scheduled according to your confirmed reservation.

We accept the following payment methods: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express only), check, and cash. Please note: There is a 3.5% fee added to all credit card payments received by phone or in person at the resort office.

Ice Fishing Rentals

The following rates give you a general idea of the cost. These rates include state and local taxes. All rates are subject to change.

Day Houses

Applies to everyone ages 16-years-old and older.

Half-Day (up to 5 hours): $50 per person
Full-Day (up to 9 hours): $65 per person

Daylight Savings Special Rate available March 15-April 15th ONLY
Extended Day (up to 11 hours): $80 per person

Children and Youth
Applies to children and youth ages 6-15 years old.
$45 per person

Children ages 0-5 years old
FREE everyday


First check-in for Day Houses is 7:30am. We will schedule your check-in and check-out times when you reserve your rental.

Check-in and out times vary depending on sunrise and sunset. A full day in a Day House on average is from dawn to dusk. Typically, check-in time is 7:30am-8am. Then, we will pick you up when the day starts getting dark. This can be anywhere between 4:30-5:30pm in the winter months (December, January, and February) and as late as 5:30-6pm in the spring.

Sleeper Houses

Applies to everyone ages 16-years-old and above.

1 Day/1 Night      $112/person
2 Days/2 Nights   $224/person
3 Days/3 Nights   $336/person
4 Days/4 Nights   $448/person
5 Days/5 Nights   $560/person
6 Days/6 Nights   $672/person
7 Days/7 Nights   $784/person

Prices include transportation on/off the lake, 24/7 generator, and all paper products.

There is a minimum requirement of 3 people and a 2-night stay per 10'x 18' Sleeper House.

Children and Youth
Applies to children and youth ages 6-15 years old.
1 Day/1 Night    $68/person
2 Day/2 Night   $136/person
3 Day/3 Night   $204/person
4 Day/4 Night   $272/person
5 Day/5 Night   $340/person
6 Day/6 Night   $408/person
7 Day/7 Night   $476/person

Children ages 0-5 years old
FREE everyday

Please note: Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to stay in a Sleeper House without an adult present. There must be at least one adult per Sleeper when children are present.


Your check-in/check-out time will be arranged when you make your reservation. Check-out is set according to your arrival time for check-in.

Extended check-out times can be arranged if your Sleeper is available. Please contact us to arrange your extended stay.

Winter Camping

Winter camping for ice fishing runs from December 1st to approximately April 15th each year. Sites are rented as short-term stays or for the season. Winter camping reservations must be made by calling Dale's on Lake of the Woods at (320) 630-6734 between 8am-8pm.

Short-Term Stay Campsites
$15/night, plus electricity

Seasonal Campsites
$600 per season, plus electricity

Storage for your fish house, ATV, snowmobiles, and other equipment is available for an additional charge. Campers are also required to pay the lake access fee for each trip.

Winter Lake Access

Our Winter Lake Access gives you the opportunity to reach those treasured fishing areas on Lake of the Woods - Gull Rock, Arnesen's Reef, and 16 Mile Reef to name a few.  Friends and family have been fishing in these areas together for well over 40 years.

Winter lake access is open to ATVs, UTV’s, snowmobiles, and track machines only. No plowed roads for vehicles.  If you can pull your fish house with an ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, or tracked vehicle you are good to go.

Access rates are $5.00 an axle.

2 axles = $10
3 axles = $15
4 axles = $20

Access fees are per fishing trip. No additional charges are taken for additional days on the ice. Leaving to go home concludes your fishing trip. When you return for the next weekend, it's a new fishing trip and you are required to pay the winter lake access fee.

You are charged only for the number of axles you have on that specific fishing trip.


Outdoor storage of fish houses, ATVs, snowmobiles and trailers, and track machines/equipment is available for guests between fishing trips and all summer long.

Ice Fishing season storage cost is $3/day. No access fee added when you pay storage fees.

Summer storage pricing depends on the length of your fish house and starts at only $100 for the entire open water season.

You must reserve your storage space and register at the office prior to leaving any items on our property. Space is limited and service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. We will not hold storage space for guests without a reservation and a signed agreement.

The Fish Are Waiting

You can't catch 'em if you don't drop the line in the water! Spend a few days this winter doing what you love - FISHING.