New Website Launching

Hello, our great website visitors!

Back in Oct 2018 our website was hit with a security breach and was infected with spam/malware just to name a few of the not so nice things that happen to us when we use a computer.

So learning the hard way we realized that we cannot keep up with the technology of today and are turning our website over to a wonderful business in Staples, MN, J & J Solutions!

Not only will they be building our website to a fresh new website that will be a breeze to navigate through but it will be monitored and protected in a way that I cannot.

J & J Solutions created a new look for our website with new pages to tell our story, our current status, and what the future plans will be.  You will be able to watch, first hand, as our plans unfold.

This is not a small endeavor to transition our website and you can expect to see the new improved website in about 6 weeks.

Thank you again for visiting our website and we look forward to a new beginning with our website!  Thank you, J & J Solution of Staples, MN

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