Join our Winter Plowing Crew!



Looking for something to do this winter! Come join our Winter Plowing crew of 4 people! Free campsite! Bring your Fish house for living quarters -we will provide you a campsite free of charge while you are with us on the Plow crew! Dec 1st to the middle or end of March!
Call Connie for details at 320-630-6734!!

Dale’s On Lake of the Woods

is putting together a Team of 4 People to form a Plowing crew for this upcoming Winter Ice Season.

We have 4 Plow Trucks, 2 Snow Dozer’s, and our Bobcat. Equipment to get the job done -but we need OPERATORS! This will be from Dec. 1 to approximately mid or end of March.

If interested and would like to more details please Call Connie at 320-630-6734!