Dale’s On Lake of the Woods Entrance Sign in the making!

Here is the design for our upcoming Resort Entrance landscaping project! We have a dear friend of our’s from Swanville, MN designed the first picture and will be taking care of the Landscaping. The second picture is the rock that we all “parked around” in the central parking area at the beginning until Dale dug it out. and we placed the rock in the swamp area until we move it to its new home as part of our Resort Entrance sign. This large rock is over 10 feet tall x approximately 6 to 8 feet wide. The Flag, of course, will be our great American Flag. Electric supply for the lighting of the USA flag and the signage has already been buried and ready to go! Tom Duffy of Tom Duffy Design is the creator of our awesome resort sign. It will be amazing and we hope to have this entire project completed by Oct or Nov or this year!

Design and Landscaping was/will be completed by our dear friend from Swanville, MN

This is the rock that we excavated out of the middle of the Central parking area. Only a 3 foot section was peaking out of the ground and this is what we discovered as we dug it out. This awesome rock formation will become an amazing part of our resort entrance area.

Tom Duffy Design The test foam is complete. I’m glad I did this as I found a couple things that needed to be changed. Now onto the real foam. Tom Duffy –

Tom Duffy Designs Trying to juggle multiple projects through the shop at various stages. This one will be a huge resort sign on Lake of the Woods. Awesome people making a memorable place for many to enjoy during the summer and winter. The sign is 4’x8’ in size. The pictures posted now are of a test run before diving into the expensive HDU foam. I will be painting this in their resort colors and applying a robust clear to last for years to come. Thank you for following and will post more progress pictures as I go. Tom Duffy-