The “Claw” is back at it!!!

“The Claw” is back on the Bobcat and this girl is working on continued clean-up duties!!

Hoping to get the Okay that Dale will start the burn piles sometime soon.  Little Pyro that I am!!

Moving right along, scroll down for more dirt work taking place.

We are working in an open area in the middle of our Resort.  We are creating our “Future” Main Parking Lot for when Dale and I build our Lodge/Home.  This is part of our plan to redesign traffic flow in our property.  Right now this area is used for winter guests to park when they access the lake through our Resort.

The first step we are working on is stripping all the black dirt

From there we will be bringing in Pit run to make the foundation, raise this area up and slope to drain off water and prevent standing water in the parking lot.  Topped off with crusher dust to harden and strengthen the parking area just like we did with the new Fish House Storage area East of our current Main Office.