2019 World Ploughing Contest Aug 30 – Sep 1, 2019 near Baudette, MN.

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Joe Henry, Executive Director, Lake of the Woods Tourism  2019 World Ploughing Contest, Lake of the Woods MN
Lake of the Woods MN Hosting the World
Competitors from 28 countries are making their way to the 2019 World Ploughing Contest Aug 30 – Sep 1, 2019 near Baudette, MN.
Baudette, MN – August 8, 2019 –  It only comes to the U.S. once every 30 years.  Last year it was in Germany.  Next year it is in Russia.  This year, August 30 – September 1, Lake of the Woods Tourism in Baudette, Minnesota is hosting the 2019 World Ploughing Contest.
Teams are traveling across the world from a total of 28 countries to represent their nation and have the chance to be named World Champion.  This is serious business.  Many of the competitors are actually shipping their tractors and ploughs across the ocean ultimately ending up at the site of this year’s worldwide contest 2 miles south of Baudette, MN.
Competitive ploughing is extremely popular in Europe.  In fact, Ireland’s National Contest attracts 300,000 spectators over three days each and every year.  Less known in the U.S., event organizers are optimistic a combination of interest and curiosity will motivate people to attend.
Who:  28 countries competing
What:  The 2019 World Ploughing Contest and US Nationals
Where:  Baudette, MN
When:  Aug 30 – Sep 1
How:  Competitors pull a two bottom mouldboard plough with a tractor and get points based on many criteria including straightness, depth of furrow, cleanliness of rows, height of rows, etc.
Competitors actually plough two different crops during the contest, stubble and grassland.  Each crop has a different root structure and ploughs differently.  Grassland is very unforgiving.
There are many festivities to complement the 3 day ploughing contest. 
-5 bands will be performing daily including Grammy Award Winner Clay Hess.
-Businesses will be displaying a wide variety of products and services
-Variety of delicious local cuisine are offered throughout the event
-Rub elbows with friends from around the world at the International Beer Garden
-Take in the vintage tractor and plough displays
-Learn about ploughing of the past at the draft horse and mule demonstrations
The 2019 World Ploughing Contest is a once in 30 year opportunity to take in a cultural activity celebrated around the world.  The use of the mouldboard plough for many farmers is something of the past.  It has significance however as an important stepping stone to where we are today uniting the world of farmers and agriculture.  The mantra of the World Ploughing Organization is Pax Arva Colat.  Translated, it means, “Let peace cultivate the land.”
Courtesy of Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau email received to [email protected] 8/10/2019